الثلاثاء، 28 فبراير 2012

     The Seven habits (Summary)
The Personality And Character Ethics:                                                       

The writer during his study about literature realized that in the past 50 years the success literature was superficial. It didn’t really solve problems in the right way or permanently. It only was filled by quick fixes and sub-solutions. But it also left the vital problems unsolved so they keep appearing once and again, but on the contrary was the literature in the first 150 years it focused on what is called character ethics considering it the basic foundation of the success.

Character ethic taught that there are some basic principles that should be integrated with the human character in order to live a happy successful and effective life.
But soon after the First World war success no longer became a function of some principles integrated in the human character. It became more of a function of personality, public behaviors, skills and techniques. Which was called personality ethics. Then personality ethic essentially took two paths: one was human and public relations techniques, and the other was positive mental attitude.

Some other parts of personality approach was manipulative encouraging
people to use techniques to get other people to like them, or to fake interest in the hobbies of others to get out of them what they wanted.

The writer then realizes from the difference between character and personality ethics that his way of handling problems with his son was wrong. He realized that he was focusing his efforts on himself and his wife, on how they want to see their son. He became aware of the power influence of his character on the way they see their son. So instead of trying to change him into the way they wanted to see him they stood back and tried to sense his character and individuality. It actually worked as they found layers and layers of potential they didn’t see before because they were blinded by the image of their son that they drew in their minds.

The person who wrote the summary did a great job in analyzing the reasons behind writing this book, but he forgot to mention the summary of the contents of the book. As he had just written some principals without applying it to manners that the person reading it could improve in him. He didn’t mention any of the seven habits and how they are classified to change a person life in particular.